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What is ? was created to help our visitors find the best resources for free legal advice in the UK. It was specifically created to be easy to use with no sales talk or jargon - just a place to find free legal advice within a few clicks.

We list the contact details and the websites of companies who specifically offer free legal advice. We do recommend though that when you contact a company listed on our website, that you check how much free legal advice is offered by them before it starts to become chargeable.


We also offer general information regarding the most common legal matters and they can be found by using the far right hand top menu.

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  • Learning More About Law

    There is more to understanding law and the legal system than just what legal advice can provide, which is why even a basic legal education in what you're concerned about can hold value. It can give you a number of options regarding ongoing issues but a solid understanding of law can allow you to be confident in your choices as well.

  • Understanding Laws Surrounding the Financial Services

    Whether you're working in the financial sector or you're using the services provided by it, understanding the wide range of laws on finance can help ensure that you don't misstep on your choices. One of the biggest examples of people making mistakes is with the PPi scandal; if everyone understood what is required of them, then they could have very easily avoided the extra costs, but because they weren't aware they were easily taken advantage of.

  • How Laws Need to Be Taken Account of by Management

    While many leaders of business may not enjoy the fact, proper business management involves laws on a wide range of matters; from employment laws, taxation, company financing, and more besides.


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